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Breast Augmentation Nuances—A Surgeon’s Perspective

Breast augmentation is a surgery in which implants are placed underneath a woman’s breasts for increasing the volume of the chest.  Usually, the same sized implants are placed on both sides.  This can be helpful in correcting thinning of the breasts and creating a more proportional chest to body ratio.  This surgery can also be helpful in correcting some inherent asymmetries that woman can develop over time.

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Breast Augmentation and the Recovery Period

The decision to undergo a breast augmentation is a big one, but can bring a lot of satisfaction if you been wanting surgery for a long time.  Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure, meaning that you are able to go home the same day.  The surgery itself takes about two hours.  Usually with a saline implant, the scar is a little smaller compared to silicone implants.  However both tend to heal pretty well.

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The Doctor Patient Relationship

More than ever, patients have become the keeper of their own medical treatment.  With the explosion of information architecture via the internet, people can find out information that discusses medical diagnoses.  They may be able to access their medical chart directly from a web portal. I often see women for an initial consultation who already know the incisions for a breast lift and implants they are interested in using.  In a capitalist driven system, patients are savvy consumers of healthcare.  So are doctors merely technicians?

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Too Many Laugh Lines is No Joke

So we all want to be able to smile and feel happy rather than self conscious. But one of the unfortunate truths is that as we age, the laugh lines around the eyes, called crows feet, become more and more noticeable.  It may start out as a few creases, and then develop into a wide circular fan of wrinkles around the eyes.  There have been many eye lotions dedicated to the skin around the eyes.  But I have found Botox to be much more effective.  

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A Surgeon’s Thoughts on Breast Augmentation

Though breast augmentation with implants is a commonly performed cosmetic procedure, all too often I feel that women can end up looking harsh and overstretched.  When I think of the aesthetics of a woman’s breasts, there is the ideal of shape and proportion to the human body, and also the ideal of a “footprint” of the breast in its optimal or most natural position.  Let me clarify.  It takes some careful planning to respect the dimensions of the implants and how they should fit and be positioned upon a woman’s body. 

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Gynecomastia Surgery

Sometimes men or teenage boys develop a condition called gynecomastia.  It is the enlargement of breast tissue of the chest that can occur due to medications, hormone imbalance, or for no clear reason at all.  After a thorough medical examination and possible testing rules out problems such as medications or tumor, we can plan for treatment.  The psychological impact of this condition for the individual can vary.  Unfortunately, it can be a source of nagging self consciousness and embarrassment.

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