Notes from Dr. Jenq

Gynecomastia Surgery

Sometimes men or teenage boys develop a condition called gynecomastia.  It is the enlargement of breast tissue of the chest that can occur due to medications, hormone imbalance, or for no clear reason at all.  After a thorough medical examination and possible testing rules out problems such as medications or tumor, we can plan for treatment.  The psychological impact of this condition for the individual can vary.  Unfortunately, it can be a source of nagging self consciousness and embarrassment.

There are four grades of gynecomastia, with less severe involving a smaller amount of breast tissue with no extra skin to more severe involving extra skin and breast tissue.  The type of gynecomastia will guide the type of surgery which would work best for treatment.  This may be a small incision along one edge of the border of the nipple, to a complete scar around the nipple, to an extension of the scar down along the chest wall.  Sometimes liposuction may also be helpful to reduce extra tissue. Ultimately, the goal is a more defined chest wall with sculpting away of the extra skin and breast.