Notes from Dr. Jenq

A Surgeon’s Thoughts on Breast Augmentation

Though breast augmentation with implants is a commonly performed cosmetic procedure, all too often I feel that women can end up looking harsh and overstretched.  When I think of the aesthetics of a woman’s breasts, there is the ideal of shape and proportion to the human body, and also the ideal of a “footprint” of the breast in its optimal or most natural position.  Let me clarify.  It takes some careful planning to respect the dimensions of the implants and how they should fit and be positioned upon a woman’s body. 

One consideration is the amount of extra skin looseness that exists over the breast.  For example, implants come in different heights depending upon the volume we choose.  More looseness of skin accommodates greater height profile of the implant. However, an overly large implant can also stretch and thin out already loose skin and breast, resulting in a less natural appearance. The implants should also be positioned more centrally to increase the appearance of “cleavage” and decrease the risk of the breasts expanding out to the sides of the chest, which can impair on a woman’s comfort with exercise and physical activities. Ultimately, the ideal procedure involves a lot of input from the woman about her goals as well as advice and guidance from the plastic surgeon to create the best aesthetics possible.