Notes from Dr. Jenq

Too Many Laugh Lines is No Joke

So we all want to be able to smile and feel happy rather than self conscious. But one of the unfortunate truths is that as we age, the laugh lines around the eyes, called crows feet, become more and more noticeable.  It may start out as a few creases, and then develop into a wide circular fan of wrinkles around the eyes.  There have been many eye lotions dedicated to the skin around the eyes.  But I have found Botox to be much more effective.  

Botox originally came on the market in the US for treatment of the glabellar, or frown lines on the forehead.  However, its also has off-label industry wide use for the crows feet.  Injections of the small muscles around the eye soften up much of the extra unwanted wrinkles.  Most people obtain great results with about 7.5 units on each side.  The medication starts working after 24 hours and last about 4 months.  People often ask, “Are there any long term effects?”  Even though the medication may not last, it appears that by preventing the muscle from moving too much, they start to atrophy, or become smaller.  This means that further additional wrinkles are prevented from forming if treatments are started early.

For the actual procedure, we apply some topical numbing gel to the face.  Then the injections are placed with a very small needle.  Afterwards, there is some fluid from the suspended medication on the face, but this becomes absorbed after a few hours.  In the course of 1 to 7 days, you will gradually see less and less wrinkling in the treated areas.