The Doctor Patient Relationship

More than ever, patients have become the keeper of their own medical treatment.  With the explosion of information architecture via the internet, people can find out information that discusses medical diagnoses.  They may be able to access their medical chart directly from a web portal. I often see women for an initial consultation who already know the incisions for a breast lift and implants they are interested in using.  In a capitalist driven system, patients are savvy consumers of healthcare.  So are doctors merely technicians?

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Medical Tourism

With a stagnant economy and limited finances, the promise of cosmetic surgery at a steep discount abroad can be seductive. A quick search on the internet, and you can find numerous websites offering everything from breast surgery to hip replacement in places like Thailand, Mexico, and Slovania. However, before you jump on the next flight to Mexico, here are some issues to consider: 

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Your First Procedure

Plastic surgery is a powerful way to dramatically change form and function in a short period of time.  However, it takes preparation and care for you and the plastic surgeon. The most important thing that you can do is to stop smoking or using nicotine products at least four weeks before surgery.  Smoking decrease your body’s … Read more

After Surgery Care

After surgery, it is important to get out of bed early and walk.  The goal is to walk around the house at least four times a day.  Even though you can feel quite uncomfortable the first few days, walking helps to decrease your risk of blood clots of your legs and lungs after surgery.  Being … Read more

Dr. Jenq’s Publications

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