Notes from Dr. Jenq

Natural Looking Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery involves using implants to enhance the size of a woman’s chest.  For many  women considering the procedure, the ideal is to look more proportional and feminine without having a harsh shelf, or “muffin top” ridge at the top portion of the chest.

There are several steps you can take to avoid this problem.

1) Choose implants which are the right size for your body. The factors which help determine the best implants include how much breast tissue you have and the size of your chest wall.   For example, try to avoid implants which have too much height and volume for your body.  Over time, large implants may also cause thinning of your natural breast tissue which results a step transition from the chest wall to the breast.

2) Tear drop shaped saline implants are a different style of breast implant that is currently available.  The silicone versions are still under investigation and not approved by the FDA.  These implants are designed such that the top of the sloped implant sits at the level of the upper chest while the area of higher projection sits at the lower pole of the breast.   They may help correct the ridging that is seen with symmetric circular implants.  However, there is a higher risk of the implant flipping out of position requiring additional surgery to place it back into the ideal position.

3) Choose a plastic surgeon who shares your aesthetic sensibility.  Talk with your surgeon to determine if they share your ideal of what looks attractive.  Being candid about what your goals and bringing ideal pictures may also be helpful.