Notes from Dr. Jenq

Ideas to Spice Up Your Routine

Sometimes in the dead of winter, with spring a faint glimmer in sight, it is great to take a breather and think of ideas to add a bit of color to your routine.  Here is a list of suggestions.

Longer eyelashes For the unlucky masses of women who are not blessed with long “battable” eyelashes, there is now hope.  Latisse is a prescription drug that gives you the longer, thicker lashes you’ve always wanted.

Day trips Enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.  Stroll on the Willamette River, hike in the Columbia Gorge, check out Dundee or Cannon Beach.  It’s so easy to get there, and you feel completely refreshed.

Take time out for yourself Lots to do and so little time. Yes, we’ve all heard that before.  And it is never going to change. But prioritize yourself in your to-do list. Do you want to get fit, eat healthy, or just pamper yourself in a hot relaxing bath? Figure out your goals and fit it into your schedule.