Notes from Dr. Jenq

Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation?

Are you tired of a flat, wide chest and no upper pole fullness? Some women with age or pregnancy develop extra skin. Others may have done the hard work of exercising and losing weight, only to find a less optimal breast shape as a consequence. The result may be “ptosis,” or drooping of the breasts. Now there are several surgical solutions for correction.

What are my options?

Breast augmentation For women who started with smaller breasts and now have less upper chest fullness due to a modest amount of extra skin, implants alone may be enough.  They help to give you a mild lift while also increasing the size of the chest.  Depending on how much extra skin we are talking about, a larger implant size may be necessary to make the needed correction.

Breast lift For women who are happy with size, but would just like a lift. If you feel pretty good in your bra, but it all hangs loose out of a bra, then this might be the answer for you.  The extra skin is tightened, but your breast tissue remains so that the breast is repositioned in a “perkier” position.  The type of scar women have depends on how much extra skin exists.  Techniques include a scar around the areola, a “lollipop” scar with line around the areola and extension down the underside of the breast, or an “anchor” scar with a line around the areola and upside down T scar with the horizontal component hidden under the skin fold.

Breast lift with augmentation For women who desire a combination of larger breasts and extra skin tightening, this is the third option.  Implants are placed under the muscle, while extra skin is tightened over the breast.  This is a more challenging procedure and may sometimes be performed as a one stage or  two stage surgery procedure, depending on the patient.