Hand Therapy

Recovery after injury or surgery is related to many factors.  Some factors include the severity of your disease, the amount of pain you are experiencing, the treatment itself, and your level of motivation and ability to perform therapy exercises. Sometimes pain after an injury is an indication that you need to be careful and protect your hand.  Other times however, pain is a normal process of healing.  With the advice of your doctor and hand therapist, it may be important to perform stretching and desensitization exercises to return to normal function and resolve pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a referral to see a hand therapist?

You will be seen in our clinic during your recovery process on a regular basis. During this time, we can assess if you are improving at the right pace or whether you will need to see a therapist. If we feel you would benefit from formal therapy sessions, we will generate a referral for you. We can also refer patients to therapists based upon location convenience or if you have a clinic that you would prefer to see.

Are there any activity restrictions after surgery?

Yes. The activity restriction is different depending on your surgery. If you have a splint after surgery, you will need to keep it on at all times and to not get it wet until you are instructed otherwise.