Notes from Dr. Jenq

New FDA Information on Breast Implants

The FDA continues to monitor the outcomes and safety of breast implants since they released silicone implants back on the market in 2006. In 2010 alone, about 300,000 women chose cosmetic breast augmentation in the United States. This surgery can help improve body proportion, address changes after pregnancy, or correct minor breast sagging.  If you are considering this procedure or have undergone this surgery, there are some important facts for you to know.

The FDA has just released a statement that silicone breast implants have “reasonable” safety and effectiveness. What did they mean by this? Long term studies show that even though breast implants do not cause health problems like autoimmune disease, breast cancer, or reproductive problems, about 20% of women do end up with revisional breast surgery at some point within a 10 year follow up.  The most common reasons for surgery are capsular contracture and asymmetry. So how do you make an informed decision? It is important to understand that implants are not lifelong devices. They can provide a high level of patient satisfaction and value. However, expect that some maintenance is required in the form of additional surgery in the future.