Notes from Dr. Jenq

A New Woman After Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery can make a huge improvement for some women—not only in the way they look, but also in their quality of life.   When breasts are too large, women have a condition called macromastia. She can feel self-conscious about the way she looks even in clothes, and the heaviness of her breasts can cause an imbalance of the upper back posture as well as skin rashes and pain.  In severe situations, it may be difficult to exercise or even lay down flat in bed.  

Breast reduction surgery can help by taking off the extra weight, reshaping the breast such that it is positioned higher on the chest, and narrowing the base of the breast.  In addition, extra skin is removed along the lower aspect of the breast and around the areola as well.  We have taken care of women who were able to change from a size H bra down to a size C.  They have resolution or marked improvement of back symptoms, and generally move around with more energy and confidence.

The recovery time with surgery is around two to three weeks.  The surgery is usually performed as an outpatient basis, and I usually do not use any drains.  There are surgical bandaids placed over the skin incisions, and the sutures are dissolvable and buried under the skin.   At around the two to three month mark, it is time to go bra shopping!