Notes from Dr. Jenq

Botox for Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrows are aesthetically important to frame the eyes and open up the face.  The ideal eyebrow shape includes a gentle arch up laterally.  If you draw a vertical line on the outer edge of your pupil (the colored portion of your eyeball), the peak of the arch should be at this line.  For some women, eyebrow hairs can be trimmed and plucked to achieve this look.  For others, botox injection that targets the muscle which pulls your eyebrow down can be helpful.  

There are two muscles, the frontalis (forehead muscle) and the orbicularis oculi (eyelid muscle), that play tug-of-war on your lateral eyebrows.

By blocking the pull of the eyelid muscle with botox, you allow the forehead muscle to pull your lateral brow up.  Only a small amount needs to be injected high and above the orbital rim to achieve this benefit.