Notes from Dr. Jenq

Brazilian Buttock Lift

Jennifer Lopez, well-endowed with her shapely, full behind started the craze for enhancement of the flat, wide, or saggy buttock. There are exercise tapes, support garments, and now, surgery to give women more lifted and feminine buttocks.  

The Brazilian butt lift involves contouring the area of the waist and torso by liposuction.  The micro droplets of fat from the liposuction are then carefully processed and placed into the buttocks in multiple planes using special fat transfer cannulas.  Fat transfer increases the roundness and fullness of the buttocks, while liposculpture of other areas reshapes and smooths out fat stubborn pockets.

The cost of the surgery may vary depending on the patient.  The average cost including surgery fee, facility and anesthesia fee, and postoperative clinic appointments is around $7500.