Nominate a friend and you may both win FREE BOTOX!

Do you have a friend who could use a little pampering?  Is there someone in your life who is always caring for others but never really treats themselves?  Nominate your friend and you could both win Botox treatment for one facial area of your choice!

To enter: Send us a Facebook message and tell us why your pal is so awesome!  Then, LIKE our page and SHARE this post! We will pick one lucky entry and you & your friend will receive a treatment area of Botox FREE!

***All applicants must be at least 18 or over.  The final determination of whether Botox is appropriate for you and your friend will be made only after an exam by Dr. Jenq.  If it’s determined that Botox is not the right treatment for you, winners will alternatively receive a free kit of Latisse.

All nominations must be received no later then May 30, 2014.  Entry will be invalid if nominator does not complete all the steps as outlined above (message, like and share).  Winners will be notified privately via Facebook inbox by June 5th, 2014. We may choose to share your awesome friend story but we will only use the initials of you and your friend. Self nominations are accepted.